Zenith Educational Services Limited

We have been helping so many pupils achieve above their target grades. The following reviews from Pupils and Parents say what we do:

Timmanna from Icknield High school says:

I have been attending Zenith Tuition for a long while and it has benefitted me a lot especially in maths. I have gone from a G to B grade.

Fatima from Icknield High school: I started to attend Zenith Tuition when I was in year9. I struggled in Maths and was Predicted a D. I got really bad grades in maths. But now I have improved dramatically and currently getting B’s and moving on to A’s. I can honestly say: this tuition has helped me a lot. I look forward to going to the tuition because everyone is so friendly. I recommend Zenith Tuition to all my friends and Family.

Mrs Parvin Begum (A Parent whose son and Daughter attend Icknield High School): My son and daughter attend Zenith Tuition. They have improved a lot in Maths and English. My daughter was predicted a B in Maths but she had support from Zenith and she got A* in Maths. I have friends wanting teachers for their children, I recommend Zenith (Mark) to them , because I have seen improvements in my children.

DR and Mrs Hakhim whose sons attended to Lealands High School in Luton Says: Mark (from Zenith) is an excellent tutor and extremely dedicated to his students. He is very Knowledgeable and each lesson is well planned and organised. Mark uses a variety of techniques in his teaching and tailors them to the tutees needs. The lessons are very clear and concise and helpful in recognising the potential and weaknesses of his tutees.

Our sons Hammad and Harroon were tutored by Mark and they achieved an A*and A in GCSE Maths in year 10 by the brilliant teaching. The success is credited to Mark’s dedication and excellent tutoring skills.

The commitment and tutoring provided by Mark has encouraged the boys to continue with Maths to As levels. Mark (Zenith) is highly recommended and we feel fortunate to have him as a Mathematics tutor.

Dr (Mrs) Farah Niaz (Whose two children attended Challney High School for boys and girls achieved As in Maths) Says: Zenith Tuition has been teaching my two children for the last two years and my children like the way he teaches them. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to improve and get good grades in Maths.

Khadija (attended Challney High School for Girls) says:

I started KS4 at a very low grade C and was struggling with Maths. I attended Zenith Tuition for a couple of months and left high school with a grade A in Maths and I am now doing  Maths in A’ level. I think that it’s fair to say that extra tuition has changed the course of my life. It was a great experience and it was worth it.

Name: Daniel Mbonu, School: Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Year 11

At Zenith tuition centre, I have been receiving free lessons which have been helping me gain continuous knowledge in Maths. My results have improved temendously. I have achieved A* which I am currently working at. My learning in my school classes has been very successful as I am now very much ahead of the class thanks to the tuition I get at the centre. I have more confidence in my knowledge of topics which I may have thought before as hard or as my weak area.

The lessons at the tuition centre consist of both foundation and higher, but the main aim of the tuition centre is to push students to achieve their very best in maths, therefore they coach them to thusing higher tier resources where the students can make the very best grade.

Name: Jayesh G, School: Barnfield West Academy, Year 10

Zenith Tuition has greatly improved my skills and knowledge. They have boosted my confidence in learning and helped me eradicate pre-exam tension and anxiety. When I joined as an 11 year old in year 7 my confidence was low; anxiety was high but worst of all, I was in set four for all of my main subjects. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t long before the extra help from Zenith helped me to improve. Now I am in Year 10 and in the top set for Maths and other subjects. I don’t think I would have been able to achieve and perform to the best of my potential without the help of Zenith and their entire team. Free on-to-one lessons are the greatest of Zenith’s strengths as it helps you calm down your pre exam nerves, leaving you confident and collected before your exam, allowing you to perform to your best ability. I highly recommend Zenith to anyone wanting to improve their grades, regardless of their learning level, as Zenith supports Key Stage 2,3,4 and AS/A Levels.

Name: Hamza Ali Khalid, School: Icknield High School, Year 10

Zenith Tuition has helped me so much in terms of expanding my knowledge as well as my self-confidence. When I first came here I doubted myself in maths and science, but with the help of Mark, I have achieved phenomenal amounts of success. From a level 5 in maths (a D grade in year 7) I have achieved the highest level of academic greatness, a level 8a (an A* in year 10). With the help of Teacher Mark, I am doing additional Maths which is a college level topic when I’m only 15! My self confidence has grown immensely as I knew I could achieve great things if I put in hard work. English and Science are also offered at the tuition centre. If you’re a parent/carer of a child who is going to come here, I assure you this will be the best decision ever for your child. The tuition centre provides:

  • An enthusiastic group of teachers helping children achieve their best grades
  • A calm, cool environment to boost focus in learning academics
  • Caring managers ready to help children with their enquiries and problems
  • Maths, English and Science lessons
  • Weekday lessons
  • Computers for ICT
  • Maths watch DVDs used for an easier way of learning maths
  • Past papers will be given for the child to really understand what exam boards will ask the children in new exam regime.
  • One break and one lunch to cool off hard working brains ready for the next session of tuition
  • And best of all, a guarantee that if the child puts in hard work, they will definitely achieve the best grades in Maths, English and Science.

We must not forget that if a student comes regularly on Saturdays they will be offered free lessons during the week in preparation for an upcoming exam. I know what you’re thinking, free maths lessons just before an exam. This couldn’t get any better in terms of revision before exams.

To summarize what I’ve said I think this is the best tuition centre on the planet because if I can get As and A*s from a D, anyone can because...

We can achieve if we believe.

If you believe you can achieve success come down to Mark’s Zenith tuition centre and see your confidence, your grades and most of all, your attitude, increase to the highest level it can be. This is what I think of the centre, if you trust me, take the step, and join the tuition centre. See the results for yourself. 

Name: Nishat Nabilah, School: Icknield High School, Year 11

When I started attending Zenith tuition, I was in set 1 but I lacked confidence in my own skills and abilities. This greatly affected my grades because I was always only a few marks away from achieving my target grade. After I came to here for tuition in Maths and Science classes, I was much more confident in my mathematical skills and I was able to achieve my target grade with ease, I began to enjoy maths and decided I wanted to study maths and biology and chemistry in college. Now, I am able to achieve A* in every mock that I take. Free lessons are made available to us before exams, which really helped me as it calmed me down before the exams and gave me reassurance.

Name: Osaze Obazuaye, School: John F Kennedy School, Year 12

Since I came to Zenith’s tuition; my grades and performance have soared. In my year 9 end of year test, I didn’t do as well as I should have considering I was in set 1. From then, I have been coming to Zenith’s tuition and have never looked back as it immediately improved my performance in Maths. In year 10, my Math grades went up to A . When it came closer to the GCSE exam, I was given free lessons by Mark. This has helped me greatly because it gave me the chance to become familiar and comfortable with the exam papers. At the end of the year ,I got an A in Maths and therefore thank Mark greatly for that. I am currently in year 12 and one of the subjects I take is A Level Maths. Without Zenith’s tuition, it would be very difficult for me to attain a top grade due to how difficult the subject is. I truly recommend Zenith tuition to everyone because it gives students a boost, not only in Maths but also in English and Science.